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Aerial Hoop Lady Sculpture

Aerial Hoop Lady Sculpture


Aerial acrobat gymnast mounted on a 6" hoop. The sculpture was created with fine aluminium wire that has been wrapped and bound to create an aerial acrobat in a sitting pose. She was then mounted to a hoop and is 3D on both side so better suited to hanging in a window or outdoors.


It is made from aluminium wire so will not rust making this piece ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Suspended from a window it displays as a stunning silhouette and throws dramatic shadows in the right light or hang amongst wind chimes to add interest and decoration to your garden. A faux suede cord is also supplied that can be easily cut to the require length.


All my pieces are hand crafted in South Wales, UK making each tree unique. I usually use copper or aluminium wire to create gorgeous 3D piece of art that would complement both a traditional or contemporary home.


Approximate measurements:


Hoop diameter – 6”

Sculpture height to top of hoop -  10"

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